If you just got here you might want to start  from the beginning, or just find the topics that interest you. Here are links to the posts as they were posted. There is a kind a progression of thoughts and techniques, but feel free to jump in wherever you like.

Introduction  Start with a drawing to keep for later comparison. Draw your shoe.

Drawing a Still Life Getting used to drawing what you see around you

Did You Draw Your Shoe?  Some famous artists drew shoes

Why Draw? Really, why?

Thanks! Sharing some readers' drawings and a badge for your blog

Flowers and More Shared Drawings

Sorting out Your Brain For Drawing  The concept of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Contour Drawing

Contour Drawing - Irises

Be inspired a short video by Danny Gregory

Positive and Negative Space contour drawing

Contour drawing of a chair

Computers, Photoshop, Perfection and the Hand of the Maker



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