Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did you draw your shoe?

Did you know that Andy Warhol drew a whole series of shoe drawings? They are nothing like his soup cans!

vanGogh painted and drew many, many shoes.

I remember seeing this painting of his shoes in a museum in France and being very moved by it. Something about shoes. They take on the shape of the wearer's foot and are shaped by the wearer's gait and walking habits. More than other kinds of clothing, shoes conform to the wearer and become almost a part of you.

More vanGogh shoes:

These are the shoes I walked around Europe in back in 1972.

I drew them in a campground in Italy. I used a non-permanent Flair marker, then used a wet paintbrush to add a wash by picking up some of the ink from the drawing.

So, did you draw your shoe yet?


  1. I did a still life. Didn't know the shoe was assigned...

  2. I drew my trusty albeit somewhat worn blue Keds!
    Didn't turn out great, a few distortions in the length, but frankly at this point, I am just happy that it is recognizible as a shoe!

  3. Here is my shoe: And now I'm off to look for my teapot...