Sunday, May 27, 2012


Thanks for the interest that so many of you have shown in this blog! Someone asked if I minded if they posted my little square graphic and a link to this blog on their blog. I would love it if people want to do that! Here is the graphic.

 Please link it back to this blog:

I also wanted to point out the tabs at the top of this page. The one called "tools" has some suggestions for drawing supplies and the one called "inspiration" will take you to websites and blogs about drawing, as well as suggesting some books and other resources. If you have suggestions for resources to add to this I will post them. The more, the better!

And now, I have some shoe drawings to share.

Kristin LaFlamme sent her drawing of her Hawaiian shoes

Karen Miller shared her sneaker drawing

Click on over to Quilterin's blog to see her wonderful red sandal drawing.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the shoes. It's fun to see the variety.