Thursday, April 25, 2013

More trees

Jeff sent a drawing he did of trees.

He did not say whether these were drawn from memory or observation, but my guess is that they are from memory, even though there is a lot of good observation at work here. The graceful taper of the trunks and the soft, delicate outer branches have a nice feel of  "tree-ness"! There is something not quite right about the angles at which the branches grow from the trunks in some areas. But a nice drawing, nevertheless. It has a lovely, stark feeling of winter, don't you think?  As always, I recommend drawing from nature. You will learn a lot about trees and their structure if you draw from direct observation.

Manipulating your drawings in Photoshop
Here is something just for fun. One of my favorite artist blogs is Geninne's Art Blog.  She is an artist who lives in Mexico and does beautiful drawings and illustration work. In today's blog post she showed some of her drawings that she had manipulated in Photoshop. One, which inverted the black lines and white background was made to resemble a blueprint by making the drawing appear with white lines on a blue background. A simple manipulation, but so effective! I had to try it. Here is my evergreen tree from the previous post, turned into a blueprint.

Ah, Photoshop! How did artists manage for thousands of years without it? (Ha!)


  1. It almost looks like one of Mary Pal's quilts that she makes using cheesecloth. She does portraits, but your tree looks great!

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