Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Contour drawing - irises

This is a great time of year for drawing flowers. I have some Japanese irises that Ray cut the other day and I worked on a contour drawing of a couple of them. Nice organic lines to follow. It becomes very meditative to just let your eye move slowly around each petal and notice how fluidly they blend into the stem.

It was tempting to "fix" that chewed leaf and simply extend it out into its natural point, but I pulled myself back into that space where things don't need names and lines are not leaves, but simply lines.

I like drawing with a permanent pen. For this I used a Pitt pen with a super fine point.

Don't be afraid to draw with a pen. You will love the crispness of the line. So, you can't erase if you make a mistake? Who's checking?

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