Sunday, February 3, 2013


Oh dear. I got this drawing blog off to a pretty good start and then lost momentum. It had a lot to do with getting busy with other things and NOT DRAWING. No drawing, nothing to blog about. The thing is I really notice when I stop drawing. It gets harder very quickly.

A new year came and I determined to get back to it. I made myself a little pouch to care a tiny sketchbook, pen, pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser. It is small enough for my backpack or to toss in the car or in a suitcase. I made it. I carried it. Did I draw? Not much.

But I will keep trying. I see other people blogging about working on doing more drawing and I applaud that. I will follow their example!

Sometimes I get hung up on what to draw. If I am going to spend the time and effort it should be a worthy subject. Right?  Well, that is an excuse for not drawing when you start thinking that way! I remembered that years back, when I discovered Danny Gregory's wonderful drawing blog, one of his drawings that I loved immediately was a bottle of Dawn dishwashing detergent, sitting next to the sink faucet in his kitchen. Doesn't get much more prosaic than that, but it had that charm of familiarity and seeing his drawing made me see all the small details that he had taken the time to notice and reproduce. So my new effort will be to just look around and choose something that is right in front of me, regardless of whether it will make a "beautiful" drawing. So I looked at my desk.

I started with my tape dispenser, recently refreshed with a brand new roll of tape. I hadn't drawn for quite awhile. My drawing is tentative and cautious, but a good start, I felt. Then I turned my attention to Ray's tape measure, sitting on my desk (where it doesn't belong).

It is one of those kinds of shapes that you can get easily confused by, having rounded and squared edges and complicated bits and parts, and though the perspective is off, already I feel this drawing is a little more confident than the tape dispenser!

So, I am back at it. I hope you'll join me. Leave your comments, send your drawings, but mostly draw, draw draw. Now I'm going to put the tape measure back where it belongs...


  1. It has been years, well actually decades (!) since I took the time to produce a sketch. Funny faces on lunch sacks probably don't count, do they?
    Love to start from the beginning, again. Do you have a link to the supplies you recommend?
    I'm IN... thanks for the nudge.

  2. Oops, I did find the SUPPLIES header... off to the art store.

  3. I like the tape measure Terry--I like the slight wonky, wobbliness of it. Gives it character! I've been taking some online watercolor classes: first lettering, now a Culinary herbs class. I'm learning TONS about the watercoloring, and it is giving me drawing practice. FUN!

    PS.... no offence but I hate these things that require me to log in with some unrelated account just to leave a comment. It's not just you....

  4. I started drawing as a New Year resolution following a book called 'A Drawing a Day' but the day quickly became a drawing a week and now I haven't done anything for a fortnight! So it was good to find this blog via SAQA and realise I am not the only one who needs to reboot. The items on your desk have given me ideas to start me off again and they don't require me to go outside in February.