Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shared drawings

After my last post I got two lovely emails and drawings from readers. Janet Burns wrote:  

"I follow Danny's blog (Danny Gregory) and belong to the Every Day Matters group on Facebook and Flickr.  It has motivated me tremendously.  I was an art major, I do mostly pottery, a little quilting (very little), but my drawing fell by the wayside.  I did the Every Day in May challenge, and it got my drawing motor reved up.  There are all levels of talent and proficiency that post, and it is the most encouraging and inspiring group.  It and you have given me the courage to use my pen more often, but I still love graphite. Here are a few pages from my sketchbook."

 Aren't these drawings lovely? The folds in the quilts are so effective and I really love the loose, joyful quality of those flowers.

Then I got this note from Emily Seider:
"...I am starting to draw.  I have been wanting for years to learn to draw, but have been stuck in the rut of my own self-doubt for a long time.  Every time I would start drawing, I would be so disappointed in the way things turned out, the way they didnt match what was originally in my mind, that I would quit.  I recently decided to get over it.  I decided I just need to make lots and lots and lots of bad drawings before I am skilled enough to start making good drawings.  I am working very hard currently be accepting of imperfection. So I just started drawing and Im trying to make the time to do at least one drawing a day.  When I found your blog, it seemed like just what I need right now, a semblance of direction. I realized it would be great to have "assignments", or a group of people to draw along with.  I hope you will accept me into your following.  I attached the drawing I made of my rock climbing shoes that I keep hanging on my wall for easy access (and a photo, because they are pretty funny looking shoes).  Next up: still life!"

Great to hear from a new voice!  You are off to a great start with those shoes. The laces are my favorite part of the drawing—such acute observation of the movement through the lacing. You really captured it!

As always—thank you for sharing your work and keep it coming.


  1. Paintings
    Just found your blog and hope to see more great stuff from you this year!

  2. I only just found you. are you not blogging anymore?