Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kitchen tools

I have exhausted my desk for things to draw and moved on to the kitchen. The kitchen holds a wealth of things to draw. Here's my pizza cutter.

And my wire whisk

A difference between these two that I will point out is the "pose". As I examined the pizza cutter I was interested in it as a completely symmetrical object, so I decided to draw it in a very straightforward, but not naturalistic pose, accentuating the symmetry. Symmetry is, in itself a challenge. Drawing a nice round circle isn't really easy and getting the mirror-image lines of the two sides of the shapes to reflect each other is another challenge. It would have been easier in some ways, to have drawn it laying on its side. But in this iconic pose it takes on a kind of dignity that surpasses its humble being. It could be a scepter or a ritualistic object of some kind! Drawing it made me appreciate the beauty of its simple design, especially the elegant curve of the metal piece just below the round blade, where you put your thumb as you cut.

I laid the whisk on the table to draw it. It was tempting to take a shortcut in drawing the wire part and just fake those lines instead of actually following each wire from the handle around its own curve and back to the handle, but it would not have looked right. As it is, I love the way the wires turned out.

Shall I call these "Iconic Pizza Cutter" and "Reclining Whisk"?

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  1. All hail the pizza! That would work in my house. Your iconic pose reminds me of an assignment from design school. We took objects such as a corkscrew, an ice cream scoop, or a nautilus shell, and had to simplify them in several styles using solid black and white (no shading). One version was organic, and most typically a silhouette. The second version was to reduce the object to it's geometric components. The final version was of our own choosing and combined a bit of each of the previous versions. Essentially, it was an exercise in finding the object's "logo." It informs me to this day.