Friday, July 6, 2012

Shared drawings

I am home from a week-long road trip to Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. I took my drawing supplies along and did not take them out of the tote bag. I had good intentions, but too full a schedule, with obligations to other travelers to find the time. Sigh. That seems to be the way travel goes.

Thankfully, a couple of you had work to share!

Kristin LaFlamme sent these with her comments.

 "I tried drawing some flowers when you posted about yours on your drawing blog. Unfortunately, 
between the interruptions from the kids, the wind, and the fruity drinks (this was while we were at the hotel in Waikiki), I didn't finish either. ;-)"

 "I didn't find time to draw on our road trip. But, now that we are in our house with practically nothing, there is some time to stare at the ceiling. Here's a contour drawing (sometimes looking at the paper, sometimes not) of my view!"

 "Since the ceiling fan drawing sucked, I tried something a little more organic. Without going outside in the oppressive heat, our souvenir bota bags were the next best thing."

Karen Miller sent a couple of drawings done outdoors that she added watercolor to.

You can click on these to see them larger and read the writing.

" I decided to join a local outdoor art group for a trip to a local man's lovely Japanese garden. They go someplace different every Wednesday morning from May to October. I did two sketches there. Others were working in a variety of mediums, pastel, colored pencil, acrylics, watercolor. I am not up to painting woods and distant trees yet so I painted things closer to me. I have never included a person before but he was sitting so still I was able to draw him. They have a group critique at the end of the morning. I told them I was a rank beginner at watercolor, still at the sketchbook stage. Comments were that they wanted to see the rest of the sketchbook and I sure could draw for a beginner. I was pleased."

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